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ABSTRACT: Floorball matches have duration of 60 minutes divided in two halves lasting 30 minutes each. During this time players cover a total distance ranging from 2000 to 6000 meters, based upon different situations: position on the field, tactical defensive and offensive characteristics of the team, characteristics of the game itself and so far and so forth. In a work presented by Cuesta (1988) Floorball players of the Spanish national team were shown to cover the following distances based upon playing position: Left Wing- 3557 meters, Right Wing-4083meters, Left Back- 3464 meters, Right Back- 2857 meters, Circle Runner (Pivot) 3531 meters. The above-mentioned distances are close to the ones recorded in Konzak & Schake (in Cuesta, 1988) related to DDR players. In a study conducted in Italy with a specific appara-tus (Play Controller, Phromos, Perugia) 5000 meters were covered by a right wing during an official match of the Italian Second league (unpublished work, see Figure 1.). It is important to affirm that of course, the total displacement of players on the field is affected by many different parameters. Tactical disposition, position on the field, characteristics of the match itself, are all factors which in some way can affect the amount of space covered by the players on the field. However, what is important to say is that Floorball players cover the total distance alternating high-intensity actions (sprinting, fast direction changes, jumping) with game phases characterised by relatively low metabolic demands due to the low intensity of the actions. It can be said then that the metabolic demands of modern Floorball involve the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. As a supportive evidence, Konzak and Schacke (in Cuesta, 1988), have shown that, during a Floorball match, players perform 190 rhythm variations, 279 change of direction, 16 jumps. Then, based upon what these authors say, an Floorball players performs a total of 485 high-intensity movements in 60 minutes. An average of 8 per minute. The sports training basically aims at improving the functional capacities of different body systems. The cardio-vascular endurance is determined by the proper functioning of the c.v.system. Thus, lungs functioning, proper blood pressure, low heart rate, low respiratory rate, fast recovery indicate high physiological fitness and improved performance.Floorball is a team game and is played popularly by the world-wide nations. This game has got place in the Olympic Games. It is also played professionally in many European countries including Asia. In India, this game has become significant among other popular games.


Key words: HR, BP, RR, PEFR


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Mr. Mohammed MERAJ

Vice-President, Floorball Federation of India, Utterpradesh, India.

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