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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of nostril dominance yogic practices on selected cardio respiratory parameters. For this purpose 21 male M.Phil. Scholars, of the age group ranging between 21 to 28 yrs. were randomly selected as subjects from WC UNIVERSITY, Gwalior. Further they were divided into 3 group consisted of 7 subjects in left nostril dominance, right nostril dominance and both nostril dominance. The selected cardio respiratory parameters were peak flow meter, vital capacity, cardiovascular endurance, heart rate and respiratory rate. The training was conducted for a period of 3 weeks, 4 days a week excluding the time consumed for conducting pre test and post test. Nostril dominance training programme of three variations were developed after initial practice feasibility testing. For each experimental group (A, B & C) left nostril dominance, right nostril dominance and both nostril dominance, specific training programme were developed. Each programme contained at least 10 asanas with one relaxative asana, one pranayama and yoga danda practices. Analysis of covariance was used as statistical procedure to find out the mean difference among the group. The statistical results of the study revealed that there were increases in mean difference of all the selected variables among the groups but there was no statically significant difference among the three experimental groups.

Keywords: - Nostril Dominance, Cardio Respiratory, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate


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A.Baskar Bawan

State Secretary, National Yoga Federation of India-Andharapradesh.,Cittoor, AP.India.

Email:; Phone: +91-9885520236


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