June 13, 2021

No more offline classes in Jharkhand

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The State Disaster Management Authority of Jharkhand held a meeting to review the current situation of COVID-19 and it has been observed that there has been a persistent rise in COVID-19 cases in the state during the last fortnight
and it is anticipated that gatherings and congregations may pose a considerable threat of spread of COVID-19.

The following guidelines are issued with effective from 08.04.2021 till 30.04.2021 :-
1. All indoor or outdoor congregations are prohibited in the state with the exception of marriage functions with the upper limit of 200 persons and last rites related functions with the upper limit of 50 persons.

 2. All processions including religious processions shall be prohibited.

3. Not more than 5 persons shall congregate at any public place.

4. All schools shall be closed and education shall be provided online or by digital content. However offline classes for class 1Oth and 12th students who shall be taking the board examinations in year 2021 are permitted. These offline classes shall not be mandatory and students shall attend only with prior consent of their parents.

5. All fairs and exhibitions are prohibited.

6. All gymnasiums/swimming pools shall be closed.

7. All sports events shall be prohibited. However sportspersons are permitted to train in stadiums.

8. All parks shall be closed.

9. All restaurants shall operate upto 50% sitting capacity.

10. The number of persons gathered in a religious place/place of worship shall not exceed 50% of the capacity while maintaining mandatory social distancing of 2 gaz ki doori at all times..

11. Banquet halls shall not used for any purpose other than marriage or last rites related functions.

12.All shops/restaurants/clubs shall not remain open after 8 PM. However take home/ home delivery of food from restaurants shall be permitted.

13.No person without mask/face cover shall be permitted entry in any government office/ religious place/place of worship / railway station/ airporU bus/ taxi/ auto rickshaw / any other public place like shop etc.

14. All activities, not specifically prohibited, are permitted outside the containment zone(s).

15.With respect to political gatherings in the context of bye-election in 13- Madhupur Assembly Constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand broad guidelines issued by Election Commission of lndia on 21 .08.2020 shall prevail.

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