Corona Vaccination camp by Jain Social Group in Udaipur

It is a great pleasure to tell that the Mewar Region team has started working for the cause of the society with their swearing in today.
The motto of the Jain Social Groups is to organize a huge vaccination week in the city for the prevention of Covid epidemic in collaboration with all the Jain Groups & surrounding people living in area of camp to realize the service with love and fraternity with fraternity. It is glad that the District Collector & CHMO Udaipur Dr. Dinesh Kharadi has gladly approved it.
This camp will be put up at a designated center every day for a week from 3rd April to 7th April and following the guidelines of the State Government, this vaccine will be given free of cost to all willing persons above the age of 45 years as per the instructions. Their are 8 Centers have been decided by the region to benefit more and more people of Jain society and surrounding people, keeping this objective in mind, this program has been taken up, people of other societies will also be able to get vaccinated.
Each center will be able to get 250 people vaccinated every day, the responsibility of cooperating in each center has been given to each group of the region. The officers of the Jain group are requested to form a team of three to four members daily for 1 week at the proposed center for themselves so that the people of the Jain society can be easily vaccinated for their health benefits and in the image of the Jain social groups in the society Rise.
All the group officials of the Mewar region are requested to spread this through their groups as much as possible so that the society can get the vaccine conveniently.

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